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Bonded logistics
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        Yantai Fanghui International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a bonded warehousing enterprise registered in the bonded port of Yantai City. It can be engaged in warehousing, delivery, transport, distribution processing, loading and moving, logistics information and schematic design and other associated businesses in the bonded port, and enterprises can enjoy the system “Within Territory but Out of Customs” and other special policies on tax, foreign exchange and customs clearance.
        At present, the company has a bonded warehouse of 1100 square meters, which is located in the bonded port area of Yantai and has good geographic position. The company is equipped with professional customs clearance personnel and warehouse management personnel to provide agent customs clearance, customs liquidation and commodity inspection services as well as the third party logistic services of cargo loading and unloading, tallying and delivery etc.. Primary services of the company include:
A. Bonded warehousing
Transport cargos from home and abroad to the bonded warehouse and store them in bonded forms, which can exempt from customs duties, save large quantities of taxes and increase the financial liquidity.
B. Handbook verification
The processing trade enterprises can go to the bonded area for handbook verification by means of exports, and realize plant transfer crossing customs areas and export goods for domestic sales etc..
C. Simple processing
Cargos in the bonded warehouse can be allowed for distribution processing of labeling, tag pasting and package exchange etc..
D. Less than container load for export
Collect raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products etc. purchased by suppliers from places of the mainland and overseas to the bonded warehouse for storage, and then transport them from Yantai Port to all over the world by sea after combining to different containers according to the sales contract.
E. Allocation of imports
Cargos imported from all over the world (including domestic cargos transferred to the bonded warehouse) can be temporarily stored in the bonded warehouse and then delivered in batches according to requirements of domestic purchasers after sorting, simply processing, de-vanning and vanning, so as to reduce relieve import tax pressures and storage burdens of consignees.
F. International transit trade
Cargos in the bonded warehouse can be realized for international transfer and distribution processing of labeling, tag pasting, re-packing and filming etc. by fully utilizing preferential policies of free import and export licenses, exemption of custom duties and import linkage added-value tax in the bonded area and utilizing the regional difference, time, price difference and exchange rate difference etc. among domestic and overseas markets, and finally be transported to the country of destination.
G. Display service
Overseas bulk commodities, such as equipment and raw materials and so on, can be stored in the bonded warehouse and can be on display throughout the year, and after the display, they can be directly transported to the autochthonous place, which can avoid expensive customs duties and tedious custom procedures.
H. Detection and maintenance service
If cargos sent abroad are returned due to quality or package and must be returned to the factory for detection or maintenance, they can be directly returned to the bonded warehouse by using functions of the bonded area, which can simplify the customs procedure and exempt from import duties. After maintenance, these cargos can be directly re-exported.
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